Thank you Mike,

What to say? First class service and the boat arrived in mint condition. Without your people and your efforts we wouldn’t have made the departure in time.
Also your recommended agent in Charleston was a good tip.

Bill Herrington, Atlanta 09/2005

We were impressed with Yacht Trans Lines dedication to organize all import procedures after arrival and opening a ‘loophole’ and on top registering our boat after arrival in Dubai. Thank you for organizing a temporary berth for us and connecting us to a world class carpenter for changing our cabin. Great Job, well done!

Steven Andersen, Dubai 17. September 2006

Thank you Mike and your Team of Yacht Trans Lines for building in 2 day and nightshifts transport cradles, shrink wrapping our boats and getting everything done in this short time for our 4 boats which we needed for our boat show in Moscow on this last call notice to you! Your contact in St. Petersburg was helpful.

Irina Rudikova , St. Petersburg 02/ 2007

Thank you so much for all your incredibly hard work in getting this sorted, I know how many strings you must have pulled and how stressful and frustrating it probably all was with the wrong information’s I send . Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I so appreciate the extra efforts you put in for me.

Kathy Frew, Melbourne, Australia 01/04/2008

Fabulous… This was an excellent job. I appreciate your help a lot and hope I will be able to use your services further, not only in panic situations…but never again at 48 degrees for 18 hours in Dubai Port. My yacht arrived in the same condition as it was loaded. Thank you Yacht Trans Lines.

Steven Parsey, Palma de Majorca 09/07/2008

Wir, Palm Marine als schnell wachsende Werft mit Sitz in Dubai, brauchen in unserem Umfeld viele zuverlässige Partner.

Die Fa. Yacht Trans Lines war für uns als Transportunternehmen mehrmals tätig. Hervorzuheben ist z.B. der Transport einer 56 Fs. Yacht von Dubai nach Singapur am 8. Januar 2008. Capt. Hüsemann meisterte diese durch einige Herausforderungen gekennzeichnete Fracht wirklich sehr zuverlässig zu unserer und des neuen stolzen Besitzers Zufriedenheit.

Während der langjährige erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit, konnten wir uns voll und ganz auf die Kompetenz und Zuverlässigkeit der Firma Yacht Trans Lines verlassen und danken YTL für die hervorragende Partnerschaft.

Harald Schlegel, Dubai 15/08/2009

Yacht Trans Lines – your yacht transport company for global yacht shipping

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