Yacht Project Management

We have all heard the refit horror stories. Costs far exceeding expectations, completion schedules dragging on endlessly, overruns, extra work, costly changes, double dipping, walk offs, a veritable yacht owner’s personal inferno.

Needless to say, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a proper approach and planning a refit can be a straight forward piece of business, seamless and on time.

  • Assessment and outlineof required
  • Arrange a schedule of work protocol with the yard and sub contractors
  • Supervise the refit, with regard to representing the owner and assuring compliance to the contract
  • Liaise with the yard and sub-contractors on behalf of the owner
  • Maintain progress reports as per the requirements of the owner
  • Supplement, if necessary, the ship’s operations and equipment manuals
  • Arrange for and prepare the vessel for Class or Flag State compliance surveys
  • Represent the owner in employing crew for the vessel, if necessary
  • Conduct dock and sea trials


The need for proper representation in the shipyard on behalf of the owner is often debated, usually before the project commences but rarely at its end. The best builders will often insist that the owner have representation at the yard, not only to assure that there are no misunderstandings, but also to maintain the flow of progress. It’s in everyone’s interest to keep things moving. Day to day decisions, some major, some of no consequence, often can stop production, if there is no one on site to make an instant commitment.

We have been involved in three new construction projects as owner’s representative and supervisor. We are experienced in the logistics of quickly establishing an onsite work place, developing communication links with all principals involved as well as controlling the flow of inventory and data. In general, we offer the following services:

  1. Assistance in the preparatory stages of the project:
    – Review Construction Contract (if deemed necessary)
    – Review Construction Specifications and plans
    – Serve as liaison between the designers, contractors and the client
  2. Advise client in matters related to the construction of the vessel:
    – Choice and installation of equipment and systems
    – Compliance with the regulations of Class
    – Compliance with the regulations of the vessel’s Flag Country
    – Compliance to requirements of the client as regards the intended use of the vessel, and the limitations of the design
  3. Supervise construction as the client’s on-site representative:
    – Maintain a presence at the construction site as much as is possible to ensure compliance to specifications
    – Control Inventories of “Owner’s Items” and other materials provided by Client
    – Maintain schedules
  4. Represent the client in matters pertaining to the construction of the vessel as directed by the client, and outlined in a “Letter of Authority” or “Special Power of Attorney”.
  5. Periodically report to the client on the progress of the construction:
    – Monthly, bimonthly or weekly depending upon pace of construction
    – Report actual progress as measured against the builder’s construction schedule
    – Prepare any additional reports and budgets required by the client or by special circumstances
    – Supplement reports as much as possible with photos
  6. Prepare a ship’s operation manual or supplement manuals prepared by the shipyard:
    – Prepare a photo album detailing progress of the construction, if not done by the shipyard
    – Present pertinent details essential to the operation and maintenance of the vessel
  7. Represent the Client at all tests and trials prior to delivery and to advise on the acceptability of the finished product:
    – Periodic tests and inspections by classification surveyor during construction.
    – Dock tests after launching.
    – Sea Trials.
  8. Represent and/or advise the Client in the final commissioning the vessel:
    – See to the timely preparation and presentation of all relevant materials to assure that the vessel is properly documented and registered at hand-over.
    – Advise and assist in insuring the vessel.
    – Prepare the vessel for sea and for its intended occupation.
    – Responsible for the selection and employment on behalf of the client of personnel for the vessel.
    – Serve as Captain for a contracted period of time after hand-over.



Yacht Trans Lines offers a variety of consultancy services and can help with the numerous decisions a potential buyer must make.

With a career of over 30 years in the Yachting Industry, we can advise on all Matters when it comes to Yachting.


The benefits of appointing Yacht Trans Lines as a contracted consultant and advisor to the client wishing to explore the possibility of acquiring a Motor or Sailing Yacht are numerous. We offer solutions to the many problems and pitfalls that can catch out an inexperienced client. If a purchase is completed a client can expect to save money as a direct result of the advice and negotiating skills of our consultants.


Should the client choose new or used?

Budget will obviously be considered, but there are numerous variables that need to be examined. For example, tax efficiency issues, availability/delivery dates, not least usage, whether private or commercial, all need to be considered before a decision can be made.


Most mega and super yachts are offered for charter or are made available for charter management. This provides the means for one to derive an immediate return on one’s investment. Some owners view their yachts as “marketing assets,” using them for corporate entertaining and prefer not to invite strangers aboard. A few of course restrict the use of their yacht to purely their own pleasure and that of their friends and family.

Whatever usage a client prefers, our consultants are on hand to offer help and advice.


Choosing a convenient home port and berthing arrangements are essential pre-requisites to crew appointment. Crew selection is extremely important and our consultants can arrange this if the client wishes not to get involved.

Yacht Trans Lines – your yacht transport company for global yacht shipping

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