Yacht Trans Lines - Yacht Delivery services

Yacht Trans Lines delivers regular boats of any size to the load port for international yacht transport and as an alternative service, we provide also yacht delivery services on the high seas.

In case shipping your yacht is not an option and you need to transfer your yacht by sea, please get in touch with us. We can provide you with a solution to relocate your vessel.

Whether you have a Motor yacht or super yacht, sailing yacht or motor boat, we will be able to sail almost anywhere.

Fully qualified and certified and commercially endorsed Ocean Yacht Masters are available and also qualified and certified crew is available on request for your yacht transport

We delivered hundreds of brand new yachts from boatyards to major shipping ports for international yacht transport and have more than 30 years’ experience handling and maneuvering yachts around the world and handling boats and yachts from 30-180 ft , both power and sail.


Some of our delivered Yachts:

  • Auckland(NZ) – Hawai (USA) , SY “SAGA” , 65ft Ketch
  • Sydney ( Australia) – Fukuoka ( Japan) , SY ” Emotional Rescue”, 55ft
  • Palma d.M. – Dubai (UAE) , SY “John Player”, 135 ft
  • Athens ( Greece) – Palma d.M. (Spain), SY” British Challenger”, 80ft
  • Palma (Spain) – Stockholm (Sweden), SY “Solaria” , 64 ft
  • Barcelona( Spain) – Istanbul (Turkey), MY “Wheels” , 120 ft
  • Dubai-Mumbai(India), MY” Shalala”, 143ft

Yacht Trans Lines – your yacht transport company for global yacht shipping

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